IISER Vacant Seats Allotment

IISER Vacant Seats Allotment is now live. Click here for details. Deadline to pay the fee is 3 PM on 6th August 2019.

Filling vacant seats at various IISERs

IISER admission 2019 has already been closed. However, we anticipate that there may be a few post-registration vacancies at some of the IISERs due to SAF paid candidates not showing up on time for registration at the allotted IISERs.

In view of the above, IISER Admissions Board (IAB) has constituted the IISER Vacant Seats Allotment Committee (IVSAC) to fill any potential vacancies.


Modalities for filling vacant seats, if any:

In view of potential vacancies, the IVSAC has been authorized to reconsider those applicants from the SCB channel who were offered a seat during any of the counselling rounds, but did not accept the offer (that is, did not pay the SAF) or had withdrawn their accepted seat from the counselling portal. 

The list of such eligible candidates (that is, those offered a seat in rounds 1/2/3 or the special counselling round) is available here.

Eligible candidates will also receive communication on their registered email IDs outlining the modalities for accepting the fresh offer.


The timeline for various activities of the IVSAC is as follows:

1. Email to the eligible candidates with the google form by midnight, 31st July 2019, with the deadline to respond by 3 PM on 2nd August 2019.

2. Seat offer starts by 10 AM on 3rd August 2019 with the deadline to pay the fee by 3 PM on 6th August 2019. 

List of eligible candidates